Online Summer Camp
June , July 2022​

Our online summer camps are full of learning and fun. We ensure that your child’s time is well spent during the summertime with excellent knowledge at the most competitive rates possible. The online camp lessons are conducted on Zoom, so your child can learn from the comfort and safety of your home. Our coaches are highly experienced FIDE-rated players with several years of teaching experience.

Key Features

  • Group Chess  lessons with very small class sizes (only 5 to 6 students per group) to ensure personal attention and progress
  • Enrollment open to all students from Grades K-12
  • Live lessons on Zoom with highly experienced FIDE rated coaches 
  • One Practice tournament of 2 hours is included in the session cost.
  • Upon completion of the session, the student moves up to the next level. A fantastic way to accelerate to the next level!
  • Very reasonable fees: $150 for 12 lessons of 1.5 hour each ($8.5/hour) + $10 Registration + Online Credit Credit/ PayPal payment fees.

Camp Structure


    • We have 2 Summer Camps for 2022. Each camp is for 4 weeks and each week will have 3 lessons. 
    • You can choose from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OR Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday options.
    • Camp 1: June 8 to July 8; Camp 2: July 16 to Aug 12
    • The session consists of 12 lessons of 1.5 hours each, that’s a total of 18 hours of learning
    • The curriculum is taught level-wise, so the student will move to the next level after completing a level. For example, if you meet the Beginner Level course this semester, then you will enroll in the Beginner – Intermediate level course for the next semester. Further information on the course levels can be found here:
    • We have groups specifically for Beginners – 5 and 6 years of age so that we can offer them the best experience by teaching at their pace.
    • We may invite students enrolling in the ThinkChess program for the first time to a Free Level Assessment session to ensure that they are placed in the correct group.
    • Please note: ALL lesson times are in CST .
    • Since these are group lessons, we have 5 to 6 students per group. It’s vital to ensure that all students in a group are of the same or similar chess level. Hence, we may offer you to choose a suitable slot as per your child’s chess level and age.
Play Video

“One doesn't have to play well, it's enough to play better than your opponent.”


Specially designed curriculum for Advanced and Masters students for summer!!

  • Endgame Theory
  • Instructive Short Games
  • Opening against e4
  • Master games of world chess champions
  • d4, d5 opening for White and Black
  • e4, e5 for Black
  • Live playing
  • Analysis