Previous Ventures

So, just before I decided to do something on my own, I had spent sometime working for 3-4 startups as an employee, consultant and handling clients for other companies.

These companies reposed faith in me as a developer, a manager and operations guy.

I’m a trained programmer, and I still work as a software developer in my day job but I’m more of a solutions architect guy.

Even back then I enjoyed the role of managing projects on my own, the technical side of things apart from actual coding and some designing in bits and pieces.

Like I said, in my first job itself I found myself working on projects right from scratch to launch. I wanted to be involved in whatever way possible throughout the SDLC. (Software Development Lifecycle)

As a trainee software developer, not even getting $1/hour, I was so enthusiastic about the sheer joy of learning and the whole process of delivering a solution was fascinating to me. If I come to think of it, I still am fascinated about it.

I thought that’s what kept me going back then as many of friends felt de-motivated, lethargic and didn’t just want to do things on time. They had fallen into the trap I call, “What am I gonna get out of it trap”.

My colleagues never actually understood the reason for my curiosity in getting involved in other aspects of the projects until I had my own startup going which took around 4 years. In these 4 years I had trained in a medium sized IT company providing outsourcing to US customers. I had worked for another IT company which was struggling to get going on their own and I had to mobilise some of its crucial projects to get them into profits. I had the experience of managing the whole startup myself in another one before I decided that the time was right to put my own name ahead in the world.

The learnings were simple and nothing extra ordinary, but I was willing to go that extra mile to ensure that I provide whatever I can to the project/ startup and thus getting back an abundance of learning and a few $’s to keep me going.

It was a happy time as my expenses were low and I was totally focused.

Focussed towards getting the max learnings. Did I get any of it? Well, read on to find out. 🙂

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