Lessons are conducted via Zoom. All you need is a computer with Zoom software installed and access to a high-speed, reliable internet connection.

No, you do not need a chess board for the lessons. We use a software with which the coach will share his screen and the students can see the board. 

All students K-12 all over the world, as well as well as adults at all levels of chess knowledge are welcome to join our classes.

School Clubs are exclusively for the students of a particular school where the lessons will be held, admission and registration to the club will be in accordance with the school rules.

Our curriculum follows a leveled path with a specific course material for each level.

  • Beginner – No chess knowledge
  • Beginner – Intermediate – Basic chess knowledge
  • Intermediate – USCF 500 – 1000 rating
  • Advanced – Higher than USCF 1000 rating
  • Masters- Customized as per student skill set

We conduct a FREE assessment/demo for all new students to gauge their interest and level for our classes. After the assessment, with feedback from the parent, we choose the placement level for the student.